Divisions - Planning & Tribal Development

The Pawnee Nation works with numerous funding agencies to obtain grants or contracts through proposal applications that will provide needed services to tribal members and to other Native Americans residing in the Pawnee service area.

Grants or contracts are often awarded for multiple years sometimes up to five years.  The Planning & Tribal Development works in a coordinated team effort with directors/lead staff of individual service programs in the development of new proposal applications to funding agencies. The Planning & Tribal Development works with directors and lead staff in continuation proposals if required.

The Planning & Tribal Development also assists the administrative offices with strategic planning and attends council meetings as needed.  The Planning & Tribal Development and Grants and Contracts offices together provide orientation to any new director/lead staff, in order to assist them with compliance requirements and related responsibilities and working efficiently with the Planning Division.

Proposal Review Committee
The Proposal Review Committee of the Pawnee Tribal Business Council reviews proposal applications and provides final comment and direction.


Reva Howell, Planning and Tribal Development Director
(918) 762-3621 Ext. 194
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma


Sky Gawhega, Planning and Development Coordinator
(918) 762-3621 Ext. 118
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma


Administrative Building #64
881 Little Dee Drive
P.O. Box 470
Pawnee, OK 74058


Akitaru Food Assessment 

Pawnee Nation Food Sovereignty starts with Food Assessment ... 2017 First Nations Grant enabled a survey to be conducted and professionally summarize results whereby a team acted upon it by fostering meaningful initiatives to grow, harvest and process traditional ancestral crops and marketable food. New Hope for Old Crops? It all seems feasible thanks to our Akitaru and partners!