Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma COVID Division

Current Situation during Pawnee Nation Closure (Isolation Continuation)

Division of Health and Community Services

Title VI will offer a home-delivered meal to all program participants. Drive-thru service is also available from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Monday - Wednesday for Lunch. Drive-up instructions: DO NOT enter the building - Honk your horn and wait, do not get out of your car, the meal will be brought out to the vehicle. Thursday, Breakfast is from 10 am - 11 am. Contact Title VI Program at (918) 762-4042 or email


Food Distribution Program will be taking call in or email orders only. Staff will pack the orders and load them into client vehicles. No one will be allowed in the waiting area and the doors will be locked. Contact Title VI Program at (918) 762-2541 or email  or


CHR Program is currently providing transportation to essential medical appointments and medication pickups as well as direct assistance. Contact CHR Program at (918) 762-3873 opt. 1 or email


SAP/MSPI/TOR Contact SAP/MSPI/TOR Program at (918) 762-2143 or email

The Pawnee Nation Substance Abuse Program (SAP) provides counseling services and community prevention activities for the treatment and prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse among the eligible Indian population within the service area of Pawnee. The service unit area for the Substance Abuse Program is a thirty-five-mile radius of Pawnee. The Substance Abuse Office is located at 311 Maintenance Road, Pawnee, OK, 74058. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Substance Abuse Program has had to make revisions to allow for social distancing. SAP will now have two meetings per week on Mondays and Wednesdays; both will be closed meetings and will begin at 7:00 PM each evening.
  • Those attending the meetings must wear a face mask.
As revisions are made, the website will show any changes to take place. Space is limited and requires a reservation to be made by phone to the SAP office with Barbara or Mike to keep confidentiality.
For more information, call (918) 762-2143


Diabetes will continue to provide assistance via phone, email, or appointment only. Contact Diabetes Program at (918) 762-3873 opt.4 or email or


Ti-Hirasa Domestic Violence Program will continue to provide case management and direct assistance via phone, email, or appointment only. Contact Ti-Hirasa Domestic Violence Program at (918) 762-6460 or


Indian Child Welfare will continue to provide case management and direct assistance via phone, email, or appointment only. Contact ICW Program at (918) 285-0127 or email


DHCS Office will continue to provide assistance via phone, email, or appointment only.

Contact DHCS Office at (918) 762-3873 opt.6 or email


Enrollment Department

Enrollment office will continue to provide Enrollment services during regular work hours, Monday - Friday 8-5, via phone, mail, fax, and email only.  New picture CDIB (Certificate Degree of Indian Blood) cards will not be issued at this time.

Please contact the Enrollment Department at:

Ph: 918-762-3873 Option #7


Fax: 918-762-9927

Pawnee Nation Enrollment Dept
PO Box 470
Pawnee, OK  74058

Carrie Peters, Enrollment Manager

Suzie Kanuho, Enrollment Specialist

Education Division Services

Higher Education Scholarship Program continues to operate remotely; individual appointments are available in the afternoons, 1-5 p.m. Contact Suzy Knife Chief @ (918) 762-3621 for an appointment or information; email


Adult Education-GED Classes and Employment & Training workshops are suspended at this time, pending further notice. For program information, assistance, or to make an appointment, please call Suzy Knife Chief @ (918) 762-3621 Ext. 224,, appointments available in the afternoons.


Youth Services continues to operate remotely via phone, email, or individual appointment only. Contact Youth Services @ (918) 762-3621 Ext. 126 or


Pawnee Nation Learning Center - The center is closed to the public and open for essential workers until further notice. Generally, the PNLC follows Pawnee Public Schools’ closures. Contact Samantha Baker for more information concerning Child Care @ (918) 399-7970 or via email

Pawnee Nation District Court

Any documents may be sent by email to and the court will be answering phones at 918-762-3011. Once negative testing is confirmed with the Health Department and IHS the court will re-open for business as usual. Updates of any changes will be on the website.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach Court Clerk, Freida G. Pratt
Court Clerk, Freida Pratt
Pawnee Nation District Court
Office:  (918) 762-3621 Ext. 141
Fax:  (918) 762-3230

Tax Commission

Tax Commission is closed to the public until further notice.
New Vehicle registration completed by mail only.
New vehicle tag documents:
  1. Original Title- Purchaser information must be completed and Sellers signature must be notarized and purchase price must be completed. Dealership sales papers must be included/Bill of Sale. All papers behind Title must be submitted to Tax Commission.
  2. Lien Entry Form - if there is a loan on the vehicle with Tribal Member listed.
  3. Copy of Tribal Member’s driver license with current address and must match the address listed on the lien entry form.
  4. Copy of Tribal Member’s CDIB.
  5. Copy of Insurance Verification.
  6. Tribal Member’s phone number for Tax Commission to call to take payment.
  7. New Vehicle registration completed by mail only at this time. The Tax Commission does not have a fax machine.
Vehicle renewal being completed by mail or email only.
Vehicle renewal documents:
  1. Copy of Insurance Verification.
  2. Copy of Tribal Member’s driver’s license with current address if changing the address of record.
  3. Authorization from Lien Holder to change the address of record if there is a loan on the vehicle.
  4. Tribal Member’s phone number to call to take payment over the phone.
  5. Vehicle renewal only being completed by mail or email only at this time. The Tax Commission no longer has a fax machine.
Robin Sue PickeringTax 
Tax Commission - (918) 762-3624

Link to Tax Commission to download forms - click here.

Division of Property Management

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Property is putting a hold on all building rentals and postponing all building rentals until future notice. For any questions, please contact the Property Office at 918-762-2273.

Pawnee Nation Historic Preservation Office

THPO is open for emailed Section 106 reviews and correspondence.
Matt Reed, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Cultural Resource Division
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
PO Box 470
657 Harrison Street
Pawnee, OK 74058
918-762-2180 office
918-762-3662 fax

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Office

NAGPRA is open via email for consultations
Marti Only A Chief, NAGPRA Officer
Cultural Resource Division
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
PO Box 470
Pawnee, OK  74058
Office:  (918) 762-2180

As such, the Pawnee Business Council will be approving an “Emergency Declaration” at their meeting on March 24, 2020. As a result of the Covid-19 virus, the Pawnee Nation will be continuing the practice of isolation that began on March 13, 2020, when the Emergency Operations Center was activated at a Level II. While employees who are a part of the Emergency Operations Center will continue to work and other selected employees have been asked to work remotely when possible, essential services will continue with modifications. Tribal members needing assistance during this time may call 918-762-3621 and then the extension of the program that they need to talk to or to leave a message, so that a call may be returned.
We pray that conditions may improve so that the Pawnee People will continue to take care of their families as the Pawnee Nation continues to deal with the effects of this viral pandemic. May Atius keep our people safe and healthy.
Point of contact during this incident: Muriel Robedeaux, Executive Director 918-762-3621, Ext. 111.