News - Watch PBC Meetings

To find the link to the Pawnee Business Council Meetings Private Group on Vimeo.

  1. Log into Vimeo
  2. Currently, to access your groups, you need to hover over your profile picture and then select "Collections" and then the Groups are included there.
  3. If the paperwork was filled out and submitted, your Vimeo profile is linked to the PBC Private Group, and you will see the group icon here. Click the box called "Pawnee Business Council Meetings."
  4. The most current video is positioned on top. Videos are uploaded 24-48 hours after each meeting.
  5. Bookmark this web page for future reference.
  6. LINK to the private group (link only works for members added)
Please note, the Private Group works best on computers, through internet browsers, and not through the Vimeo app (cell phones, tablets, smart TVs). To watch from your cell phone, please use an internet browser.

Videos are uploaded 24-48 hours after each meeting.


Do you still have some questions?

Please contact the Communications Office at (918) 762-3621 Ext. 126