Divisions - Communications Office

The Communications Office oversees all aspects of Pawnee Nation communications.

The Communications Office publishes the Chaticks si Chaticks, the official publication of the Pawnee Nation, free of charge to Pawnee Nation Members. The office shares news of events and successes of the Pawnee Nation to the area press to establish and maintain a positive, timely and professional release of information.

The Communications Manager updates the official website and facebook pages while establishing and maintaining a professional relationship with area news outlets to ensure publication of Pawnee Nation news and events.

The Communications Office also fosters relationships within the City of Pawnee, surrounding Tribes and adjoining communities to promote the Pawnee Nation and serve the Pawnee Nation Tribal Members.

Ericka SunEagle-Shawnee
Communication Specialist

918.762.3621 ext. 126


Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
881 Little Dee Rd.
Pawnee, OK. 74058