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The mission of the Pawnee Nation Department of Transportation and Safety (DOTS) is to maintain the safety and integrity of Pawnee Nation bridges, roadways, and pathways while continuing to plan and develop new strategies to ensure the continued growth and development of the Pawnee Nation transportation infrastructure. The Department receives Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) funds, formerly known as Indian Reservation Roads (IRR), for our allocations to fund the expenses of daily operations which include: planning, research, design, engineering, construction, maintenance services, and road inventory (RIFDS).

Department staff is responsible for communicating with various agencies at the federal, state, county, and local levels to ensure that project collaboration is taking place with maximum efforts, and to maintain healthy relationships between agencies for any future collaborations. To ensure that the Department is operating at its highest level of ability, staff makes every effort to stay well versed in CFRs and operating guidelines provided by US Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration; as well as attending trainings to stay up to date on the newest safety countermeasures, construction techniques, legislation, and other useful resources.

The Department of Transportation and Safety is dedicated to the safety of the community. As an award recipient of Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funds (TTPSF), the Department strives to play a positive role within the community by promoting safety year-round, more recently focusing on the following safety concerns while driving: distracted driving, impaired driving, and proper seatbelt use. Staff is always actively seeking new opportunities and ideas that could bring not only more safety awareness to the community but also improvements to current infrastructure that would improve safety to drivers and pedestrians alike.


The Department of Transportation and Safety will be the main contact for construction activities that involve easements/right-of-ways within the Pawnee Nation jurisdiction. The Pawnee Nation has the inherent right and responsibility to oversee different activities that take place within its tribal jurisdiction. The Pawnee Nation recently added an Easement Permit Application pursuant to the Pawnee Nation Code of Laws, Title XIII Energy Resource Protection Act, that requires consultation, among other things, with the Pawnee Nation. More information can be found below.

Energy Resource Protection Act (Title XIII)
Energy Resource Protection Permit Application (Title XIII)
Easements Attachments for Permit Application


The Driveway Assistance Program is funded solely through tribal funds. The purpose of the Driveway Assistance Program is to help Pawnee Nation tribal members with the integrity and safety of their driveways to their primary place of residence. This program is open to homeowners within Pawnee Nation jurisdiction only; rental properties do not qualify. The application and guidelines can be found below:

Driveway Assistance Application and Guidelines


The Department of Transportation and Safety has developed a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), in accordance with the guidelines of the Tribal Transportation Program; Final Rule (25 CFR Part 170). This plan outlines the short-term and long-term goals for improvements to the existing Pawnee Nation transportation infrastructure. The Pawnee Nation LRTP is available for review below or in the DOTS office.

Long-Range Transportation Plan (2020-2039)


Tribal values and concerns are taken into consideration when revising the LRTP & TTIP. Comments or questions regarding the LRTP can be directed to Chris McCray, Transportation Manager, email: cmccray@pawneenation.org.

Comments or questions regarding the Department of Transportation and Safety can be directed to any of the following:

Telephone: 918-762-3655
Fax: 918-762-6461

Email - dnrs@pawneenation.org

Physical Address:
301 Agency Rd Pawnee, OK 74058

Mailing Address:
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Attn: DOTS
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