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The Pawnee Nation Tribal Court has the following open positions, each position is given a stipend per court day and is responsible for carrying out faithfully the duties of the Tribal Court office to the best of their abilites: 

- One (1) position on the Associate District Court Judge position. This position is responsible for performing all duties of the Chief Judge during their absence and will be called to preside over appellate proceedings which are filed. To qualify an applicant must. 

-One (1) position on the Prosecutor position. The Prosecutor is primary responsibilities for the prosecution of all criminal, civil, and child welfare cases arising within the jurisdiction of the Pawnee Nation and must be a member in good standing of any State Bar association or graduate of any American Bar Association approved law school. Specific duties include but not limited to.

- One (1) position on the Public Defender position. The Public Defender is primarily responsible for representing indigent individuals in criminal matters before the court.


** Terms are for three (3) years.


The Pawnee Business Council appoints the seats of these positions.   If interested, please submit a written request with a resume, to Walter R. Echo-Hawk, President, Pawnee Business Council, Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma, P. O. Box 470, Pawnee, OK 74058.  Any questions please call (918) 762-3621 or email

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Pawnee Nation Court is open by appointment only.

Please call the court clerk at 918-762-3011 to schedule a time for emergency filings only.

Any documents may be sent by email to the Court Clerk, Suzie Kanuho, and the court will be answering phones at 918-762-3011.

Mailing Address:

Pawnee Nation District Court
P. O. Box 28
Pawnee, OK 74058

Court hearings will take place through the video conferencing platform Zoom. To attend a hearing by Zoom, go to If this is your first time to use Zoom on that device, you might be prompted to download the app from the AppStore – there is no charge for this app.

The Zoom login information can be emailed or mailed to you and will be posted on the court entrance doors on the scheduled Court Docket day.

Suppose you are unable to access Zoom from your phone/computer/laptop. In that case, someone will bring you a laptop outside to participate in, or we can schedule arrangements to use Pawnee Nation's Education Computer Lab.  The Education Computer Lab is located on the 3rd floor, in Downtown Pawnee, at 657 Harrison Street, OK, 74058.

If, for any reason, due to Covid-19, you need to reschedule your court date, please let us know. If you have tested positive or exposed to Covid-19, please do not come in person to the Court. We will assist you with other arrangements on an as-needed basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach Court Clerk, Suzie Kanuho, by email ( or phone, 918-762-3621 Ext. 141.


The Constitution and By-Laws of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma provide for the establishment of a Law and Order and Judicial System to "protect peace, safety, health and welfare of the members of the Pawnee Tribe."

The Pawnee Nation District Court implements court services for the judicial needs and administration of justice regarding criminal, civil, and juvenile matters; for members of the Pawnee Nation and other individuals that are subject to the jurisdiction of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.  The Pawnee Nation District Court presides over these matters rendering final orders or judgments.

The District Court

Chief Judge:   Shelly L. Harrison

Assoc. Judge:   Vacant, position as advertised

Prosecutor:   Vacant, position as advertised

Public Defender:  Vacant. position as advertised

The Pawnee Nation Supreme Court hears appeals resulting from all final orders or judgments that have been issued by the District Court.

The Supreme Court Justices meet once a year to review, hear and render decisions of appeals; and to oversee operations of the District Court.  Each Supreme Court Justice serves an eight (8) year term.


photo:  Assoc. Judge: Matthew Gore (Left), and Chief Judge of the District Court: Shelly L. Harrison (Right)


Supreme Court Justices

Chief Justice:  John Chapman Young

Justice:   Chad Harsha

Justice:   Mark EchoHawk

Justice:   Kyle Haskins

Justice:   Gregory Smith


Supreme Court Justices from left to right:
Justice, Kyle Haskins; Justice, Mark EchoHawk; Chief Justice, John Chapman Young; Justice, Chad Harsha; and Justice, Gregory Smith.


The Pawnee Nation District Court is located at

700 Agency Road, Building #33
Pawnee, Oklahoma 74058

For more information, please contact Suzanne Kanuho,
Court Clerk, Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. 

Court Clerk, Suzie Kanuho

Pawnee Nation District Court
Office:  (918) 762-3621 Ext. 141
Fax:  (918) 762-3230

Mailing Address: 
Pawnee Nation District Court
P. O. Box 28
Pawnee, OK 7405


PDF - Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Law and Order Code


Forms / Documents (PDFs)

Application for Temporary Emergency Custody and Hearing Date

Application for Visitation

Fee Schedule

Limited Power of Attorney

Marriage License Application

Divorce Petition

Divorce Wavier

Name Change Application

Pauper's Affidavit

Petition for Adoption

Petition for Protective Order

Petition for Restraining Order

PN Bar Application


Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

The Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma has an agreement with the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma, Tribal Child Support Enforcement program to provide child support services to all Pawnee Nation members.  The Tribal Child Support Enforcement program can assist members with all facets of child support.  Whether it be establishing paternity through DNA testing, or establishing a child support order through the Pawnee Tribal Court, and then enforcing that child support order, they are ready to help. Tribal Child Support staff attend all court hearings, be it civil or child support, and are ready to assist Pawnee members with their child support matters, or to just answer your questions about tribal child support.  An application for services can be obtained at the Pawnee Tribal Court, or by calling the Tribal Child Support Enforcement offices at 1-888-540-1501