Divisions - Diabetes Program

Pawnee Nation’s Diabetes Program provides services to all Native Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes. The requirements for this program are to obtain Certified Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) and live in our jurisdiction, which includes; Blackburn, Cleveland, Hallet, Jennings, Lone Chimney, Maramec, Pawnee, Quay, Shady Grove, Skedee, Terlton, Westport, Ralston, and Yale.

Services available at this time are:
Free Diabetic related materials, daily glucose logs, information pamphlets on site, and glucose machine and its supplies.

Individual Health Screenings

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Weight

Diabetes Awareness Support Groups

  • Nutrition guidance, diabetic breakfast, and wellness program activities available throughout the year.  Join our Facebook group Pawnee Nation Wellness Program for upcoming events.

Blood Glucose Monitoring (Glucometers & strips), education and ongoing consultation

  • Ascencia Bayer Contour glucometers
  • Test strips
  • Lancets, good diaries, daily log books

Assistance Programs available at this time:
(Subject to the availability of funds must be approved by Diabetes Coordinator)

  1. $100.00 toward eyewear ONLY if the prescription has changed.
  2. Submit  A1c level with your eyeglass prescription, <7 is optimal for diabetic patients; or
  3. Bring glucometer in the office to download readings
  4. N7 Nike shoes available when all annual visits are complete plus 2 download meter readings
  • Dental Exam
  • Eye Exam
  • Foot Exam
  • Nutrition Visit
  • Lab
  • 2-meter readings download

Applications are located at the Diabetes Office located in the Health & Community Services Building (Old IHS). Please feel free to call for inquiries at 918-762-3873 x4

Mee-kai Clark
Diabetes Program Coordinator

Diabetes Office Location:

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Diabetes Program - Room 101
400 Agency Road
Pawnee, Ok 74058

Diabetes Mailing Address:

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Attn: Diabetes Program
PO Box 470
Pawnee, Ok 74058

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm