Pawnee Nation Housing Authority Board of Commissioners


Seat #1 - Douglas Gover-Miller (Resolution #23-20) Term ending on October 20, 2026

Seat #2 - James Grant Hawkins, Chairman (Resolution #22-09) Term ending October 21, 2025

Seat #3 - Reva Howell (Resolution #22-10) Term ending October 21, 2025

Seat #4 - Carol Nuttle (Resolution #23-19) Term ending on October 20, 2026

Seat #5 - Suzy Knife Chief (Resolution #20-104) Term ending October 21, 2023



The PNHA Board of Commissioners are the governing body of the Housing Authority.  Each Commissioner is appointed by the Pawnee Business Council by Resolution and serves three (3) year terms.

The Board of Commissioners of the Authority shall perform such duties and functions as may from time to time be required by By-Laws of the Authority.


To be eligible for a Commissioner position a candidate must successfully pass a background check and the following conditions must be met:


  1. Candidate must not possess any felonies or criminal misdemeanors of any kind involving fraud, theft or embezzlement or a pattern of criminal behavior.
  2. Must no have any delinquent and/or outstanding debts to the Pawnee Nation or the Pawnee Nation Housing Authority.
  3. Must possess a valid Oklahoma driver's license, then they must have a valid State Identification Card.
  4. If the candidate is unable to possess a driver's license, then they must have a valid State Identification Card.
  5. Commissioners should be responsible, have integrity, good judgement and sensitivity to American Indian culture and social conditions.



Annual Meeting:  The annual meeting of the Authority will be held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of the month of November at the regular meeting place of the Authority.

Regular Meetings:  Regular meetings shall be held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of every month in the Housing Authority of the Pawnee Tribe conference room.

Special Meetings: Notice of a special meeting must be given to each member of the Board of Commissioners by the Chairperson at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Special Meeting.  Special meetings may not be held without at least forty-eight (48) hours public notice.

Emergency Meetings:  Emergency meetings can only be called for situations that affect the health and safety of the community or have risk of financial loss.

Quarterly Meetings: A report shall be submitted to the Pawnee Business Council for the quarterly meetings.  The Board of Commissioners and the Executive Director are encouraged to attend.


Click here to view the PN Housing Authority By-Laws

Housing Staff:

PNHA Executive Director, Linda Jestes

Contact Information:

Phone: 918-762-3454


Mailing address: PO Box 408, Pawnee, OK  74058


Mary Hawkins, Administrative Tech.



George Gardipe, Project Manager



Cynthia Butler, Compliance



George Pratt, Maintenance Coordinator

Louis Pratt, Maintenance

Chris Pratt, Maintenance (WEX)