Pawnee Nation Statement on the Insurrection and Impeachment of President Trump

Pawnee Nation Statement on the Insurrection and Impeachment of President Trump

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
For Immediate Release

Pawnee, Oklahoma, January 15, 2021 – Upon the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump by the bipartisan vote of 232 members of Congress for inciting the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the Pawnee Nation Business Council issues the following statement.  

Whereas, We stand firm with the National Congress of American Indians’ Statement of January 8, 2021, in condemning the noxious events that led to the impeachment. Prayers go out for all the mourners and those put in harm’s way by the insurrection mounted by the President and his followers. Our democracy stands on fidelity to the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power after national elections. Everyone witnessed the horrific events during the insurrection. The Pawnee Nation government cannot remain silent on these acts of violence that unfolded in the Nation’s Capitol.

Whereas, We commend Vice President Pence and those lawmakers who quickly resumed their constitutional duty to affirm the election in the wake of this assault on our democracy. The Vice President and members of Congress are first-hand eyewitnesses of the assault on the Capitol who stood in harm’s way.

Whereas, The Pawnee Nation entered the Republic through its treaties in the early 1800’s. Since then, we contributed soldiers to every war as patriotic defenders of the democracy. We remain deeply committed to our free and democratic nation and embrace the core values for which it stands. To be sure, America has not always lived up to its ideals during the growth and expansion of the democracy, but in those painful detours our core values impelled Americans to self-correct. We can rise to that challenge once again. Let us reject hate, division, and ill will; and insist on truth-telling by all elected officials. We call upon all elected leaders in the Nation’s Capitol to put partisan strife aside. In this dark hour, discharge your oaths of office with unity and good will; restore our democracy; our standing in the world community; and stride toward a more perfect Union that truly embodies One Nation under God that, among other things, fosters the well-being of all its peoples, including the Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples of this land. Above all, let us heal the nation. The first step is to hold those responsible for the insurrection accountable. America cannot tolerate a President who incited insurrection against the Vice President and lawmakers. Congress has done its duty, now the Senate must hold a trial.

Whereas, The Pawnee Nation Business Council reassures its citizens troubled by turmoil and unrest in the Capitol, that despite the assault on the United States government, the flag of the Pawnee Nation still proudly waves. Our Paari Akitaaru’ shall endure. Let us treat each other well, help one another, and pray for our elected leaders in Washington D.C. It is our prayer that Atius (the Great Spirit) will be at their side in the days ahead.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Pawnee Nation government calls upon Senators Inhofe and Lankford, after reviewing the facts presented and finding just cause as a result of the impeachment trial, to vote to convict President Trump on Article I: Incitement of Insurrection, of H.R. 24 passed by the 117th Congress of the United States.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that as our Nation goes forward, the Pawnee Nation government urges the entire Oklahoma delegation to spark a return to civility in political discourse so that the integrity and vitality of our damaged democracy can be restored. We ask them and their colleagues to respect and strengthen the norms that underpin our society and, finally, to stride toward a true reckoning that once and for all discards the forces of racism, hate, and division in our nation that have led to this grave moment in history.

Issued by the Pawnee Nation Business Council:

Walter Echo-Hawk, President                  

Jordan Kanuho, Vice President    

Patricia McCray, Secretary

Carol Chapman, Treasurer [Abstain]    

Cynthia Butler, First Council Seat                   

Dawna Hare, Second Council Seat

Charles Lone Chief, Third Council Seat

Charles Knife Chief, Fourth Council Seat


Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma

Official announcement from the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma.
Pawnee Nation Statement on the Insurrection and Impeachment of President Trump – Press Release – (PDF DOWNLOAD)