NAWA AKITAARU’. I am pleased to announce that the IHS is now vaccinating all people age 16 and up. Make your appointment by calling 918-762-6724 or 918-762-6639. Shots are given each M/T/W and F between 1pm-3:30pm, or anytime on Thursdays.

I am calling upon all Pawnees age 16 and up to come to the aid of your Nation: Get vaccinated. That is a patriotic act. It will slow the spread, protect yourselves, the ones you love, and your neighbors. Please do this now—even if you have personal doubts or qualms—to protect your Nation. Those who refuse vaccination (without valid medical reasons) will continue to endanger themselves, their families, and their nation—and that will prolong this pandemic.

The Biden Administration and Pawnee Nation are fighting the spread of infection. There is now light at the end of the tunnel. Today, the Country will hit 100 million doses administered to American citizens. If the rate of vaccination continues, herd immunity will be reached; and that will accelerate nationwide efforts to safely open schools, the economy, and the community.

This is a time for optimism, but its not a time for relaxation. We need all Pawnees to do your part for the next couple months: Wash your hands, stay social distanced, keep masking up, avoid gatherings, and get vaccinated when it is your turn. Your help is needed to continue fighting the spread—not just for yourself, but your family, your friends, your neighbors. We are all in this together.

If we keep our guard up, stick together, and follow public health recommendations, we can look forward to more normal times–perhaps as early as this summer. Together we will come through this pandemic and emerge stronger, with renewed faith in each other, and in our tribal government that fulfills its most important function: protecting the Pawnee people. But your help is needed. Everyone has an important part to play. I call on each Pawnee: If you are not vaccinated, it is your turn to slow the spread. Please call and make your appointment today.

Thank you. May Atius bless and protect our Nation.

With Respect,

Walter Echo-Hawk, President, Pawnee Business Council

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