Divisions - Finance Office

The main function of the Finance Division is to provide accurate and timely financial reporting to support the Pawnee Business Council, the Executive Director and Division Directors in making managerial decisions affecting the Pawnee Nation and the resources available to the people of the Pawnee Nation.

The Financial plan is to balance sources of funds with expenditures for operating expenses, increase in reserves and capital expenditures. Sources of income include revenue from indirect cost allocations, proceeds from the Tribal Development Corporation, tax income, interest/investment earnings, use of cash reserves and contributions.

By identifying all the planned uses of funds, the Finance Division develops strategies that balance the sources of funds to minimize the impact of past financial practices and to increase revenue for Pawnee Nation.

William Perry
Finance Director
(918) 762-3621
Fax: (918) 762-1011

Janet Mulder
(918) 762-3621 Ext. 121

Nancy Moore
(918) 762-3621 Ext. 119

Davi Ferris
Accounts Payable Clerk

(918) 762-3621, Ext. 197

Misty Nuttle, Payroll
918.762.3621 ext. 125


Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Administrative Building #64
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