Burial Assistance

The Pawnee Business Council shall set the amount for burial assistance in the annual budgeting process. The amount of burial will be established in the annual tribal operating budget. For more information on Burial Assistance, please call the Executive Office at 918-762-3621

To begin the process of Burial Assistance when a Tribal member passes, please have the following information.

  • Full name of the Deceased Tribal member
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Next of Kin Information
  • Funeral Home Information
  • Permission to post to the Pawnee Nation Website and Social Media

Tribal verification will begin with the Enrollment Office, and once verified, the Division of Property Management will be notified to lower the flags.

A check will be processed to the Next of Kin for $500.
The funeral home will need to provide a W9 and Invoice the Pawnee Nation. The Pawnee Nation will issue a $2,000 check directly to the funeral home.

After hours
or weekends please contact:

Jamie Nelson at 918-399-6373
Email: jnelson@pawneenation.org