9 Week Transformation Challenge

9 Week Transformation Challenge

January 25 – March 8, 2021
Open to Pawnee Community
$20 Entry Fee – limited spots available

Goal: To improve the quality of life for all participants through creating a healthier lifestyle and understanding of diet and exercise.

One picture will be taken every 3 weeks starting on the 1st consultation day- January 25th. Pictures should be taken in the same outfit to help determine winner. Winners will be chosen by the Pawnee Nation Wellness Program. Top 6 (3 male, 3 female) transformations will win cash & other prizes!

*weight, waist/hip measurements, blood pressure, blood sugar, & BMI will be taken each picture, but will be used only as a tool of measurement not to determine winners.

The following will be provided:
➢ Health & Fitness consultation w/ goal setting.
➢ Exercise programming and weekly adjustments.
➢ Macronutrient education.
➢ 5 free & optional fitness classes a week (30 mins each).
➢ 4 free one-on-one training sessions per month.
➢ Positive support and accountability group.
➢ Gym membership fees paid during challenge.

CLICK HERE TO Download the Consent Form 

Sponsored by Pawnee Nation Wellness Program & Massters of Gravity
For more info contact:
email: mclark@pawneenation.org or
email: cg1030@pawneenation.org
918.762.3873 x4